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WDFN 1130AM Nazr Mohammed Interview Nov 14 2006

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by roscoe36, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. roscoe36

    roscoe36 All-Star Administrator

    Jul 5, 2005
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    Nazr had a brief interview with Mike Stone on WDFN 1130 AM, the Detroit Pistons' flagship radio station.

    See the attached MP3 to listen.

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  2. lurker

    lurker First Round Draft Pick

    Oct 19, 2005
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    San Diego
    Nazr is trying really hard to be evenhanded and not say anything that will get him into trouble. I don't think he will be making the all-interview team anytime soon. Here's a summary of the interview.

    I'm not happy about the record so far, but I like the guys and the coaching staff

    to be honest I expected to play more than 20 minutes per game, but I understand that in the fourth quarter, Flip is going with the guys who won a lot of games for him last year

    I'm hoping we can get to the point where Flip is as comfortable with me as he is with the guys who were here last year, so I can play more minutes and when the game is on the line

    Golden State game--we have to give them credit; they hit a lot of their shots early and sustained their level of play

    the Pistons organization is similar to San Antonio, expect SA always relied on the big three, and the Pistons are integrating some new guys: myself, Flip Murray, Maxiell

    all people see about Sheed is the negatives, the techs, but he is funny and a great teammate

    the league has good intentions with the new tech rule, but you can get a tech for bouncing the ball, or for looking at a ref the wrong way, some stuff can be misinterpreted and you can get a tech for it

    the players need to be respectful, and the league needs to ease back on the techs

    before this year, I never thought the Pistons were big whiners--every team does its share of complaining to the refs--it's just human nature for every team to feel like they're getting shafted by the refs

    biggest memory about playing the Pistons in the finals: Horry's shot :(

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