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vs Minnesota Timberwolves Tuesday February 16 7:30 pm

Discussion in 'February 2010' started by roscoe36, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Lee356

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    Aug 31, 2005
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    <p>1st of all, hey, Howard has improved. We fouled him a lot, just like the plan, and he stepped up and made 11-13 free throws. And he hit those hook shots he use to miss badly on. Sometimes the other team does have something to do with the loss.</p>

    <p>But I say that begrudgingly. Look, we could use a coach. Did anyone else note how little rest Tay got in the first half? Yes, we played competively in the 1st half by limiting the small ball played. However, you don't play a guy coming off an injury that many minutes and expect him to any good for the game. Tay ended up shooting badly in this one. (He played high minutes for us the night before. In all 68 minutes in the 2 games.)</p>

    <p>Bynum is hurting us defensively. Normally a decent defender, but without good footwork due to his bum ankles he just becomes a too short basketball player.</p>

    <p>The crazy thing though, we play Bynum and Stuckey at the same time. We play Bynum just way too much considering his health. If Kuester just played Bynum when Stuckey needs rest that would actually mean Bynum would be helping the team. As is, that is not happening. Remember, Stuckey barely played the night before. He certainly could have played more in this one and limited Bynum's minutes.</p>

    <p>OK, so the trade deadline is about to pass. Maybe Kuester was told to play Tay heavy minutes because some potential suitor wanted to see if Tay could actually play heavy minutes. And gee, he played heavy minutes, but shot terribly. I kind of doubt that is going to help interest. It seems playing players to their strength, and actually winning games, should help the interest level in our players the most. Kind of late now though.</p>

    <p>Again, the biggest story this season for us is not the injuries, but rather how the coach responds to the injuries. Kuester has not played a backup small forward since Tay returned to the rotation. Not for a minute. And its lost us games.</p>

    <p>I don't know why CV was limited to just 3 minutes. Maybe someone called during the game and Joe told Kuester to pull the guy. Who knows. I guess we will all know for sure in about 2 hours when the trade deadline passes.</p>

    <p>Yes, we could have used Kwame. What a joke, to keep playing a guy that much just to keep him involved, but then leave him out of the games where he could possibly help. The way we have used Kwame this year is just a joke. We have lost games from him playing, but when he could help, he does not play.</p>

    <p>Remember, Ben Wallace was not suppose to start. So how has that turned out. Ben Wallace has started every game, and we have a terrible season. Does not seem to be helping us any having him start. In all, Kuester likes to get into a rut, losing game after game, and never change anything. He is use to losing, sees nothing wrong with it.</p>

    <p>Stuckey started out well, had a good spurt to close out the 2nd quarter. But his opponent matched him way too easily.</p>

    <p>Rip was shooting lights out, but we had problems scoring at times. Worse, his jumpshooting ways seemed to badly infect the rest of the team. Yes, I know Howard is in there, and having a great shotblocking game on us. But that does not mean you just give up on going inside. Oh, I guess its ok if Rip is on your team. Not.</p>

    <p>JJ had a so so game. Daye just played a bit in GT. We kept our starters in way too late into the game. I was thinking groundhog day.</p>

    <p>No Summers. No Atkins.</p>

    <p>With the trade deadline gone, and the playoffs getting out of reach soon, what will happen next. Will Kuester start playing young guys. I doubt it. Cause with playing lots of young healthy players, it would give us way too much energy out there and we would win games. I doubt management would want that.</p>

    PS - we played lots of small ball in the 2nd half, indeed going all the way this time with Tay at power forward. Sick.
  2. Mogilny

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Well said, Lee. I agree almost 100 percent.

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