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Today's Piston Pieces 8/15/09

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by G-man, Aug 15, 2009.

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    Aug 15, 2005
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    g & g gas station
    Allen Iverson's market shrinks by two
    Freep Staff

    Possible landing spots for former Piston Allen Iverson appear to have decreased by two.

    After the Heat traded center Mark Blount for veteran swingman Quentin Richardson late Thursday night, the Miami Herald's Mike Wallace wrote: "Considering the slightly higher luxury-tax bill, this could be the unofficial end to any interest the Heat had in acquiring Allen Iverson. There already were concerns about potentially getting everyone enough shots before Richardson came aboard. Iverson, a pure scorer, won't be needed as much."

    Richardson ($9.3 million) makes more than Blount ($7.9 million) so that accounts for the luxury-tax hike.

    Also, the 76ers are in the market for backcourt help with the free-agent defection of Andre Miller to the Trail Blazers, but CSNPhilly.com reported this week that a return to the team where Iverson became a household name was unlikely.

    "Allen Iverson is a very good basketball player," 76ers general manager Ed Stefanski said. "But we don't see him in our plans with the age of our kids. We are going to go with youth at the point guard position, and I am sure Allen will hook on with someone."

    Iverson's options for a 14th NBA season are getting more limited.

    Allen Iverson's market shrinks by two | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com-

    Detroit Pistons use Summer to reshape team
    Tracy Heck - Bleacher Report

    "As the Summer has moved on, Detroit Pistons General Manager Joe Dumars has continued to make moves to hopefully make his team a contender for the NBA championship once again.

    After a lackluster season that ended in a early exit in the first round of the playoffs, it was time for a change.

    Dumars began the season with the questionable hiring of first time Coach Michael Curry and then went on to complete the disasterous Chauncey Billups/Allen Iverson trade. By the time the season ended, it was obvious that the Pistons team was lacking big players in the middle and needed some younger, fresh blood in order to be able to compete at the level they had been used to.

    Dumars started the offseason by drafting forwards Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers and Jonas Jerebko. Although none of them are powerhouse players they've played well during the Summer league and show promise.

    Dumars went on to pick up shooting guard Ben Gordon and power forward Charlie Villanueva in the free agency market and traded for forwards Fabricio Oberto and Chris Wilcox. Dumars then went on to fire Coach Curry and hired another first year coach in John Kuester.

    The hiring of Kuester was met with a lot of protest, particularly since Dumars had stated he was looking for more experience. The team's talks with Avery Johnson stalled after he asked for more money and guarantees than they were willing to part with.

    Although Kuester's hiring was questionable, it does make sense. Kuester is known for his strong offense and previously worked as an assistant coach for the Pistons. He has a strong releationship with the Pistons top players and he understands Dumars' vision.

    After hiring Kuester, the Pistons made the surprising announcement that Brian Hill would become an assistant coach. Hill is an ex-head coach and Kuester used to be his assistant.

    Around the same time that Kuester was hired, both Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace chose to sign with other teams, leaving two huge holes in the Pistons lineup. However, this week the Pistons re-signed former center Ben Wallace, which will hopefully help fill those holes.

    Wallace has had his offensive issues in the past but he is still a strong presence in the middle. His defensive strength will also be a huge benefit to the team.

    Many of Dumar's moves haven't been very popular but when you look at the big picture, the Pistons look a lot stronger than they did last year. With eight of the team's 14 roster spots occupied by new players it should be a interesting season."

    Detroit Pistons use Summer to reshape team | Bleacher Report

    Gordon stands tall in Mount Vernon
    Mike Dougherty - LoHud.com

    MOUNT VERNON - Ben Gordon playfully waited in line yesterday to give the slide a test run. He strolled across the suspension bridge in the company of pint-sized admirers, then counted out loud as grateful children from the old neighborhood showed off on the chin-up bar.

    It's what a role model does on a day off.

    Gordon was at the Mount Vernon Family YMCA to dedicate a playground made possible by his New Life Foundation and KaBOOM!, a non-profit dedicated to building community playgrounds. He was at the library up the street earlier in the day, and hosted a celebrity bowling tournament in Manhattan last night.

    "This is cool," Gordon said. "I think my whole aim is to do things in the community and leave a lasting impression so that even when I'm done playing basketball and my time on this earth is gone, I've done something positive and had an impact on kids' lives and they'll remember me in a positive light and carry that on."

    Gordon seems more at ease this summer after leaving the Chicago Bulls to sign a $55 million contract with the Detroit Pistons. It's the deal he's been chasing for two seasons, and it will allow him to come back home and impact even more lives.

    "I think it's nice," said 9-year-old Jada Cephas, who really liked the slides and tunnel. "It's a good place for us to play. It means a lot that a basketball player would do this and makes us feel very special."

    A lack of appreciation, whether real or perceived, is what motivated Gordon to leave the Bulls.

    "I'm definitely happy that whole contract ordeal has kind of come to a close," he said. "Until it's up and five years and the whole process starts all over again."

    Despite the mixed feelings off the court, Gordon produced on it, averaging 20.4 points a game. He was even better during the playoffs, getting 24.3 points a game despite a cranky hamstring. Gordon, though, was not going to spend another offseason waiting for Chicago to make a lucrative offer.

    "It was tough and I had to kind of play through a lot of adversity," he said. "I didn't really have the backing of the team I had done so much for, so it was good to just get everything out of the way."

    Pistons team president Joe Dumars made quite an impression.

    "He is really trying to build a team and win championships," Gordon said.

    "That's important to a player. When you're going out there every night and you feel you're working together as a team and the organization is working to win a championship, that's big."

    There is a measure of uncertainty to deal with in Detroit, which has a new coach in John Kuester. And it's really not clear where Gordon fits into a lineup that currently includes Richard Hamilton.

    It's not unlike the situation he left.

    "They've been successful throughout the years regardless of coaching changes or player changes," Gordon said. "Joe has always created a culture in that organization that produces wins. I think as long as he's there and his only intention is to win and win big, I feel comfortable."

    Over the next six weeks, there are some logistical hurdles to clear, as well.

    "I've got a place, now I've got to get all my stuff packed in Chicago and ready to move over," Gordon said. "That's a long, tedious process, but within but within the next month or so I should be situated in Detroit."

    A busy week concludes today at Hartley Park, where there will be basketball clinics, autograph sessions and family activities between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. "It's tough because obviously I've been in Chicago the last five seasons, and most of my time is there," Gordon said.

    "That's why this weekend is important to me every summer. I can come back, and even though it's only for a few days, I'm doing something productive that's going to have a lasting impression."

    That goal was definitely accomplished yesterday.

    "It shows that he wants to help," 9-year-old Imani Sebro said. "It means a lot to me and everybody here.

    "I love him for buying this for us."

    Gordon stands tall in Mount Vernon | LoHud.com | The Journal News

    The Teams Looking Up
    Nicks Sports Blog

    There are seperate groups in the NBA:

    The ones with all the stars and greats that add more and more talent every year to boost their chance at winning a championship. That includes:

    San Antonio Spurs
    LA Lakers
    Boston Celtics
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Orlando Magic
    Dallas Mavericks
    Portland Trail Blazers

    The ones that are pretty much stuck in the middle, the ones with some good talent and a couple of all-stars. The ones that have the potential to play hard against better teams. This includes:

    Denver Nuggets
    Toronto Raptors
    Utah Jazz
    Atlanta Hawks
    Washington Wizards
    Detroit Pistons
    New Orleans Hornets

    Nick's Sports Blog: The teams looking up
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    wolverhampton, england
    I gotta let G-man know that somebody is using his name with a Rodney Dangerfield avatar...:pound:
  3. coynejeremy

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    Oct 9, 2005
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    Georgetown, KY
    It's harder for AI to find a team than Michael Vick! :nerd2:

    This guy is talking out of his rear end. The hiring of Kuester was met with "a lot of protest"? Matt Millen wasn't even met with a lot of protest!

    And I see that the media is perpetuating this legend that Kuester is an offensive coach. I don't know what he will be exactly, but he won a championship on a team with a strong defensive identity. Being an "offensive coordinator" for Lebron Lames team kind of skews the evaluation of whether you are strong offensively, in my opinion.

    I am not knocking Q, I just think that the media and blogworld are just repeating this stuff to make it sound like they know what they are talking about.
  4. roscoe36

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    Jul 5, 2005
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    Lindsey Hunter has a no-trade clause - Chicago Bulls Confidential

    The chances that any of what I'm about to write will ever be important are extremely slim. It takes quite a brave man to consider that Lindsey Hunter would be a key piece to a blockbuster trade, and only if that was the case would the following information be important. But, still. Let's play along anyway.

    The Knicks Blog » Nash First, Now Maybe Darko? Where Does D’Antoni Learn His Magic?… And A Look at the Front Line

    “He was a very skilled player when he was drafted,” Walsh said of Milicic before last night’s Liberty game, where he was honored as a Rucker Park Pro Legend. “I think the thing that’s held him back is he’s been thought of as a guy that has to play with his back to the basket. And everywhere he’s been, people have tried to do that.

    “I don’t think that will be the case here,” Walsh added. “The way [coach] Mike [D'Antoni] plays, the fact that he’s a skilled, fairly athletic, long big man who can run the floor and can dribble the ball, shoot the ball, pass the ball, he might fit into this system better. That’s what I’m hoping.”

    When asked if Milicic’s situation reminded him of other players who have benefited from a change of scenery, Walsh named some of the NBA’s best.

    Larry Brown: International Man of Mystery - Bethlehem Shoals - The Baseline - Sporting News

    No one ever said it was easy to find important NBA topics this time of year. But I'd say that the possibility of a Mickael Pietrus clone showing up for cheap in Charlotte—coached, if you've forgotten, by that resolute old-schooler Larry Brown—counts as at least a curiosity.

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