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PF Piston Pieces 9/6/09

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by G-man, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Aug 15, 2005
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    Allen Iverson taking his time to give answer
    Freep Staff

    "The Memphis CommercialAppeal reported Friday that another day passed without word on whether Iverson would accept a one-year offer to play for Memphis.

    The Commercial Appeal's Ron Tillery wrote: "The Griz expected Iverson, 34, to decide before the weekend. But the free-agent guard apparently needs more time, even though the Grizzlies have expressed strong interest in him since July."

    The Grizzlies have offered Iverson at least $3.5 million, or what it has remaining under the salary cap. The deal could reach $4.4 million but still is less than the $5 million Memphis originally considered paying Iverson to play a reserve role.

    Griz general manager Chris Wallace told the Commercial Appeal on Thursday that it's understandable why Iverson would carefully consider his options.

    "He's in new territory. He's never been a free agent," Wallace said. "He's never been a free agent this late in the off-season. I'm sure he's trying to turn over as many scenarios as he can until he has to commit."

    Allen Iverson taking his time to give answer | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com

    FIBA Americas Qualifer: Day 11
    By Alfredo R. Berrios ESPNdeportes.com

    "The possibility of Dominican players with an active role in the NBA participating in future international events remained open Friday. At least, Charlie Villanueva (Detroit Pistons) is in.

    After the Dominican Republic was eliminated from the FIBA Americas championship, the power forward relayed his message via the popular social networking site Twitter. Villanueva, who leaped to fame albeit in the cybernetic world after his postings during halftime of a Milwaukee Bucks game last season, wrote in his last posting Friday that it wouldn't be the last time that the "basketball world" would hear of his parents' native country.

    "I feel like we let all Dominicans throughout the world down. But no need to continue holding our heads down. This is the beginning for us," a posting on Villanueva's page said. "We'll get another shot to prove our doubters wrong. I'm not giving up on this movement. The world of basketball will hear the DR roar again."

    Villanueva along with Francisco Garcia (Sacramento Kings) and Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks) were part of the Dominican team that ended its participation Friday in the FIBA Americas tournament in San Juan."

    FIBA Americas Qualifier: Day 11 - TrueHoop By Henry Abbott - ESPN

    5 Things We Learned In The NBA This Week
    Travis Heath Hoopsworld

    "Ray Allen on Tweeting

    Thank you, Jesus Shuttlesworth (aka Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen). Finally, somebody in the NBA gets it.

    From his Twitter account Allen wrote last week: Halftime of a game is used for players to rest and figure out what they can do better in the second half. Not to be tweeting

    This, of course, coming the same week the NBA decided to institute a still emerging policy on the use of social media.

    For those of you who don't know, there were a number of players who started tweeting during halftime of games last season. Charlie Villanueva, now a member of the Detroit Pistons, was one of the first to do this last season when he was playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

    And you wonder why veteran coaches can get so frustrated with young players these days?

    Look, this isn't an attempt to vilify Twitter, but there have to be some limits. I mean, do you think veteran players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan are tweeting during halftime? Of course not. These guys are true professionals who are too busy focusing on the job at hand.

    Heck, if you've ever seen Garnett before or during a game, the dude's so focused his eyes look like they could burn directly through your soul. Something tells me tweeting isn't at the forefront of his consciousness.

    This doesn't mean NBA players can't tweet. Let's not forget, Allen communicated what's being discussed in this column via twitter. However, players have a responsibility to be professional and this responsibility supersedes communicating with their fanbase at halftime.

    This is just another example of why it's important to have veteran players in the locker room who self-monitor and don't pass all of that burden to the coaching staff. You can rest assured that even if the NBA hadn't instituted some regulations with regard to tweeting this wouldn't have been going down in Boston's locker room, anyway, because veteran guys like Allen and Garnett simply would not have allowed it."


    Kuester Coaching Pistons Because of Mike Brown
    My Blog

    "Joe Dumars is the one who hired John Kuester to be head coach of the Detroit Pistons, but it is Cleveland\’s Mike Brown who made it happen.
    That\’s what makes this story different.

    After 19 years in the league, mostly as an assistant coach, Kuester is getting his first chance to be the boss on an NBA bench, hoping to lead the retooled Pistons back to contention in the Eastern Conference.
    One of his most important tasks will be finding a way to beat Brown, the head coach who gave Kuester the chance to shine last season as his right hand man.

    It\’s no coincidence that Kuester, at age 54, is just now getting his chance after years of waiting in the wings.

    In a league filled with huge egos — particularly coaching egos — Brown has a unique management style, giving his assistant coaches more responsibility than anyone else in the league.

    If you recall during the well-chronicled playoff run of LeBron James and the Cavaliers, it was Kuester on national television drawing up the offensive plays in the huddle while Brown stood a few steps behind, content to just listen. It also was Kuester who ran the offense and dominated the practice court all season with the Cavs.

    No other assistant coach in the league carried such clout, or got that kind of exposure. No other head coach in the NBA felt this comfortable delegating that kind of responsibility, and stepping back to let an assistant shine."

    Kuester Coaching Pistons Because of Mike Brown « My Blog

    Unfortunately, a Villenueva preview for Pistons fans
    Bucks Diary

    "First of all, Villanueva's first change of scenery from Toronto to Milwaukee did virtually nothing for him. He was the same player in Milwaukee that he was in Toronto and exhibited many of the same destructive tendencies.

    Second, his case is distinguishable from that of Williams. Williams produced poorly in Milwaukee mainly because he is simply not a proficient point guard, he commits too many turnovers and in Milwaukee he handed out too few assists (and was an inefficient marginal scorer who shot too much and played no defense.) In Cleveland Lebron James is available to relieve Williams of offensive point guard duties and thereby cover up many of his most obvious flaws.

    Villanueva's flaws, on the other hand, are too embedded in his game to be covered up. He's a poor two point shooter. He plays ZERO defense. And he turns the ball over and uses possessions extremely inefficiently. The only place those flaws can be covered up is on the bench.

    I'm afraid Villanueva went a ways toward making my case for me when he represented the Dominican Republic at power forward in its loss to Canada. Check out the boxscore. Villanueva, by my calculations, produced 1 solitary Win Score point in the close contest, and was thoroughly outplayed by the unknown forward who the FIBA play-by-play identified as "Levon Kendall". ( I determined CV's counterpart by foul information. I would post a link to the FIBA site but I'm using a Mac and... believe it or not... I don't know how).

    Here's a comparison. Villanueva and Kendall each played 29 minutes. In that time, Kendall posted 11 Win Score points to Villanueva's aforementioned 1, meaning CV produced a marginal win score of somewhere in the neighborhood of -8.29 -- Marcus Haislip numbers. It would thus not be a stretch of any measure to say Villanueva singlehandedly cost DR the game."

    Unfortunately, a Villanueva preview for Pistons fans - Bucks Diary

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