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PF Piston Pieces 9/3/09

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by G-man, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Don't expect Pistons fans to applaud Michael Jordan's HOF induction
    Terry Foster Detroit News

    "You always knew Jordan was a Hall of Famer. He simply needed to overcome the Pistons and make teammates better to become great. The Pistons eliminated the Bulls in the 1988, 1989 and 1990 playoffs on their way to three consecutive NBA Finals appearances.

    Even though Jordan lost to the Pistons in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals, he was on his way to being great. The Bulls lost that series in seven games and Jordan had a meltdown after the Game 2 loss, throwing chairs and refusing to speak to teammates for three days before Game 3 in Chicago. The Bulls responded and the series ended up being one of the greatest of all-time.

    Before Game 2, I had my only one-on-one interview with Jordan and he mentioned his hopes, dreams and frustrations with the sport.

    The following season I was sitting behind the baseline at The Palace when Jordan trashed the Pistons after his team went up 3-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals. He said the Pistons were dirty and bad for basketball. He didn't respect them. The Bulls eliminated the Pistons the following day."

    Don't expect Pistons fans to applaud Michael Jordan's HOF induction | detnews.com | The Detroit News

    Wallace doubles up, will wear No. 6
    Freep Staff

    "It's official. He will wear No. 6 for the Pistons this season.

    At the new conference announcing his return to Detroit, Wallace said of his jersey number: "I might just add up the front and the back and take whatever is left."

    Wallace, who turns 35 on Sept. 10, re-signed Aug. 12 after leaving the franchise in the summer of 2006 for a four-year, $60-million deal with the Chicago Bulls.

    The center said at the time he wasn't going to pester Rodney Stuckey
    to give up No. 3, the number he wore for the Pistons in 2001-06. He also had the number for two years with the Bulls, but wore No. 4 his last two seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers."

    Pistons Basketball | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com

    Tim Chisolm TSN25

    "Detroit started the summer as the focus of the off-season world. They'd traded for Allen Iverson's massive expiring contract at the start of last season, and already possessed the large expiring deal of Rasheed Wallace, and many saw them as having the pick of the free agent litter. After a disappointing season there were promises of changes and fans waited with baited breath to see how the team would be reconstructed this summer.

    In short, though, they kinda weren't.

    There was a day-one euphoria that came with the signings of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villaneuva, two of the more coveted free agents on the market, but that euphoria quickly faded. While there is always a certain excitement that surrounds acquiring new players at the start of the free agent period, especially when one can nab guys other teams want, it doesn't take long for reality to dampen the thrill. Ben Gordon is poised to make roughly $10 million per year, and the club was only nine months removed from extending Richard Hamilton's contract for three more years. That's over $20 million for one position next year on a team that still doesn't have a true starting centre. Assumptions raged that Hamilton must be on the move, because there is no way Gordon was being signed to re-ignite a shooting guard controversy that begun during Iverson's tenure, but it was quickly explained that Gordon would instead be one of the league's most expensive sixth-men – a role he continually lamented in Chicago.

    Villaneuva as a signing makes a little more sense. He is a more offensively potent version of Rasheed Wallace, but he brings a sliver of his overall basketball I.Q. and none of his defensive ability. That shouldn't dampen the signing too much, though, because at $35-million over five years, it's actually a pretty good deal for a guy as versatile as Villanueva. However, his and Gordon's are not the kind of signings that teams used to contending make to invigorate their fan base. In fact, it's arguable that these moves don't even put them securely into Playoff contention after improvements in Toronto and Washington. It's likely that these signings, combined with first-time head coach John Keuster getting his feet wet in the big chair, will have the club fighting for one of the last post-season berths, much like they were a year ago. All that money, and the team's future is just as uncertain now as ever. "

    Chisholm: Euphoria has faded over Pistons' off-season moves

    Detroit Pistons hold national anthem singer auditions today
    Jessica Nunez MLive

    "If you have some free time in front of a computer today at 3 p.m., you might find some entertainment value, and even a laugh or two, in going to wwww.pistons.com and watching live video of their national anthem singer auditions.

    Better yet, you could head down to The Palace yourself and compete for a chance to sing at a Detroit Pistons home game this season. You just have to pay a $30 registration fee, which includes a "free" ticket to the Pistons' home opener, whether they like how you sing or not.

    If you do think you have what it takes vocally, you'll have 80 seconds to belt out the "Star-Spangled Banner" a capella. You could then move on to round two, which will take place on the Pistons' court."

    Detroit Pistons hold national anthem singer auditions today - MLive.com

    Ron Artest and Auburn Hills Beer Thrower "kiss and make-up"
    J.E. Skeets Ball Don't Lie

    "Artest's latest rant (as transcribed by Tas Melas at Sports Radio Interviews): Talking about tracking down John Green — the Pistons' fan who threw beer on him years ago that started the infamous "Malice at the Palace" brawl — and becoming friends with him. Seriously.

    "A long time ago, a year ago or something like that, I was looking for John Green, the guy who threw beer at me in Detroit. And, I was talking to Dave, and I'm like, 'Yo, we need to find this guy and interview him,' and my team, my personal business management team, they got real nervous, like, 'Don't do it. It's only gonna 'cause controversy ...'

    So, after a couple years, I'm like, 'People would love to see me talk with John Green after all these years ...' It won't be crazy, it'll be historical, and it'll be something for people to understand when you fight with one another, you can always become friends, you don't have to hold a grudge for the remainder of your life ...

    So, I found him, through my Twitter friends, I had a [tweet] saying, 'I need to find John Green's number. Anybody who can help me find John Green's number, I can take you to lunch.' So, one guy helped me find it ...

    So, I called John Green's house and I say, 'Excuse me, ma'am, can I speak to John's please?'"

    Ron Artest and Auburn Hills beer thrower 'kiss and make up' - Ball Don't Lie - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

    FIBA Americas Qualifier: Day 5
    Alfredo R. Berrios ESPNdeportes.com

    "SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rico (4-0) concluded the Qualifying Round of the FIBA Americas Championship as the leader of Group A, followed by Uruguay (3-1), Canada (2-2), and Mexico (1-3). Brazil (4-0) leads Group B, followed by Argentina (2-2), Dominican Republic (2-2) and Panama (1-3).

    Argentina moving up to the second place of Group B was one of four possible scenarios in play after the Argentineans defeated Panama on Saturday. With their victory over Dominican Republic on Sunday, Argentina eliminated Venezuela. Argentina had lost to Venezuela last Wednesday.

    In their best performance so far, Argentina defeated the Dominican Republic 89-87 in overtime in the final day of Round 1.

    Luis Scola finished with 30 points, Paolo Quinteros scored 14 and Pablo Prigioni 11 plus 5 assists for Argentina. Al Horford led the Dominicans with 24 points and 11 rebounds, Francisco Garcia scored 20, Luis Flores 16 and Jack Michael Martinez added 13. Charlie Villanueva had a bad day with 9 points by shooting 3-13 from the field but he helped the Dominican side with 10 rebounds."

    RSS Daily World News-FIBA Americas Qualifier: Day 5

    Top 15 NBA ‘Clutch’ Shooters
    R.S. De France Hoop Doctors

    "When you think of clutch shots, who do you think of? MJ in 1998. Horry in 2003 (or 2005 if you’re a Spur’s fan). Jerry West in 1968, his classic ¾ court heave.

    After a game four loss in the NBA Finals, Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said “experience was not a factor.” I respectfully disagree.
    Clearly, we can look at the result in this year’s finals as proof of the opposite. We can look at Game 4 where the Lakers’ Derek Fisher, who had missed all his previous attempts in the game, made two clutch three-pointers to clinch the game and with it, the series. Experience comes in many forms, one of which is clutch shooting, which was clearly a factor. Clutch, in this sense, means who is the deadliest shooter when a game is on the line.

    7. Ben Gordon, Detroit—formerly the go-to-guy in Chicago before Derrick Rose came to town. Similar to Parker, Gordon becomes a volume scorer in the playoffs, his scoring increasing, but shooting decreasing. Nonetheless, you need a clutch shot, he’ll take it and likely make it. Before leaving the team, Gordon put on a game to remember scoring 42 against the Celtics in the ’09 playoffs."

    Top 15 NBA ‘Clutch’ Shooters | The Hoop Doctors

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