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PF Piston Pieces 9/1/09

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by G-man, Sep 1, 2009.

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    g & g gas station
    Africa next stop for busy Jason Maxiell

    "He got married in August.

    And before training camp starts in about four weeks, the Pistons' backup power forward will join NBA superstars Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard in Africa as part of the league's Basketball without Borders program. The five-day event begins Wednesday.

    At his basketball camp recently at Joe Dumars' Fieldhouse in Shelby Township, Maxiell said he was looking forward to seeing different cultures firsthand. But it's also a working trip, as 60 of the top youth basketball players on the continent will gather to receive help with their game and advice about life."

    Africa next stop for busy Jason Maxiell | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com

    Pistons Mailbag
    Keith Langlois

    "Praneeth (Rochester, Mich.): Do you think the reason Allen Iverson is being offered just the veteran’s minimum is because of his attitude? He averaged 17 points and five assists last year and those numbers should make him more attractive. How much money do you think he deserves to be making next year?

    Langlois: According to reports out of Memphis, it was more than a minimum offer – $3.5 million, plus incentives. I don’t want to say his attitude has nothing to do with it, Praneeth, but his attitude hasn’t changed much over the last 10 years and somebody signed him to a contract that paid him $21 million last season. If he hadn’t pulled stunts like skipping practice last Thanksgiving on a day when practice essentially was held to speed his integration process, and had a reputation as a model citizen, then he likely would have been signed weeks ago to a two-year deal at a reasonable salary. As for the numbers he put up last season, let’s understand that a lot of players who had the ball in his hands as much as Iverson did and had the offense tailored to him to the degree Iverson did would have matched or bettered those numbers and done it with greater efficiency. Can he still be a valuable asset in the NBA? If he takes care of himself and comes to grips with the fact that he’s no longer capable of shouldering the load offensively within the framework of any team poised for even modest success, sure. But those are two big ifs, based on recent experience. For great insight on Iverson, I’d urge you to read the story Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer wrote last week, with especially pointed comments from Billy King, who was the general manager in Philadelphia for some of Iverson’s time there.

    Sam (St. Louis, Mo.): Darko was said to be dominant in practices and Amir was said to have a high ceiling, but both were buried on the bench because of veterans ahead of them. Once both started playing, their weaknesses were apparent. With limited rotation minutes for the rookies, according to your recent blog, why not approach these rookies as they did Stuckey and throw them into the fire early on?

    Langlois: My strong belief is that how soon and how often the rookies play will be based solely on their ability to produce and help the team win, Sam – nothing more, nothing less. Darko and Amir were “buried” behind some really productive, savvy veterans in the prime of their careers, for the most part. Yet had they truly been able to outperform them, they would have played. Stuckey was physically ready and had an opportunity because there was no logical veteran backup to Billups when he arrived. Jerebko has five veteran big men in front of him in order for him to get minutes at power forward. Assuming Daye and Summers’ best chances for time are at small forward, it’s not just Tayshaun Prince ahead of them, it’s also Rip Hamilton for the minutes he figures to get at that spot to accommodate the need to get Ben Gordon his 30 minutes or so a game at shooting guard. You can cobble together a solid rotation for the Pistons that doesn’t include the rookies. If they’re playing, then take that as a good sign for the Pistons – it will mean they’re outperforming a pretty good veteran ahead of them.

    Josh (Ann Arbor, Mich.): Since we’re in rebuild-on-the-fly mode, I think we should try to get as much for Rip and Tayshaun as we can. Since Rip will be harder to move, what do you think about a deal sending Tayshaun and Maxiell to Phoenix for Stoudemire? I think he’d be a great fit next to Charlie V.

    Langlois: Lots of scoring punch with a Villanueva-Stoudemire combo, but I’m not sure they’re an ideal tandem – pretty similar players, actually, face-up fours who can put it on the floor. Who defends the post in that setup? That said, if you can get a player of Stoudemire’s caliber without gutting your roster, of course you consider it. As for trading Hamilton or Prince, it’s not something Joe Dumars is actively attempting. He likes the roster as it stands now and is eager to see how it unfolds. A year from now, when he sees what he has in the three rookies, things could change. One more thing: If Phoenix moves Stoudemire – something the Suns have publicly acknowledged they’ve considered – it would probably require one potential young star. Prince is older than Stoudemire. Look at the rumored deals – one with Golden State involving Anthony Randolph and Steph Curry, one with Chicago involving one or both of Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. If Phoenix were to talk to the Pistons about Stoudemire, you can bet the names we’d hear would include Rodney Stuckey and Austin Daye."

    PISTONS: Pistons Mailbag - Monday, August 31, 2009

    Detroit Pistons Lineup Predictions and Evaluation
    MATT Julian Bleacher Report

    "The Detroit Pistons have made some big changes this off season. As the game changes Joe is trying to keep the team up to date. Don't be expecting the same old lineup or faces as most of you know there could be a lot of differences.

    I'm going to take an in depth look into the lineup and talk about some of those changes and what to expect. Though there have been some changes you will still see some of the old guys but not as many as before.

    We'll start with the back court and work our way to the big men down low."

    Detroit Pistons Lineup Predictions and Evaluation | Bleacher Report

    Teams hustle to fill seats in recession
    Tom Walsh Freep

    "But it's an ominous sky for the owners of the Detroit Pistons, Lions and Red Wings, as they try to peddle tickets and fill stadium seats during the worst economic slump in 70 years.

    Even the dynastic Wings, coming off back-to-back trips to the Stanley Cup Finals, see choppy ice ahead. "Tickets as low as $9 for select games," blared recent headlines in Red Wings newspaper ads and the team's Web page.

    The lowly Lions, coming off a winless football season, have been pitching a "Super 3-Game Pack" savings of $18, along with single-game tickets of $30 and full-season-ticket offer of $230."

    Tom Walsh: Teams hustle to fill seats in recession | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com

    Top 50: Ben Gordon, no. 47
    Slam Online Eric Woodyard

    "Detroit Pistons Manager, Joe Dumars is no different, he goes through the same process. Dumars’ greatest challenge now is to reconstruct a winning franchise from the ground up.

    Last season, Dumars went after an AK-47 in Allen Iverson but in the end it turned out to be nothing but regular Blue Bonnet, melting as the season progressed. This season, he hopes Ben Gordon can be that selective rifle. Pulling the trigger and lighting up the opposition with pinpoint shots just as he did in the Chi Town.

    Why wouldn’t he be? The 6-3, Akon look-alike brings with him a new commitment to winning that was missing last year. Starting with intense off-season workouts in which he strives for basketball excellence, building camaraderie with teammates, and taking on a new role in his career, there shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that Gordon will be top 50 status in the League!

    Gordon’s workouts are legendary. They’re an integral piece to his success. They’ve been documented in just about every major basketball publication and airwave. He flouts the same off-season dedication as his Airness and the Black Mamba. He wants to be that good! This season should be no different… In fact, my girl Holly MacKenzie (…Canada stand up!!) just completed a story on his “Summer Vacation” in the latest edition of Hoop, where Gordon touched on this situation."

    SLAM ONLINE | » Top 50: Ben Gordon, no. 47

    Joyce Brown dies; mother of NBA player Kwame Brown
    Teresa Strepzinski

    "BRUNSWICK — Joyce Brown, mother of NBA basketball player Kwame Brown of Brunswick, died Monday morning of apparent natural causes, Glynn County authorities said. She was 61.

    She was pronounced dead shortly after 8 a.m. at Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick hospital, said county Coroner Jimmy Durden.
    “The preliminary investigation indicates she died of natural causes. There is no indication of foul play,” Durden said.

    While raising Kwame and his siblings, she suffered from high blood pressure, lost a kidney to disease and eventually went on disability with a bad back.

    Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials said family members found Brown unresponsive Monday morning and called 911. She was rushed to the hospital from her home in the 300 block of Oak Grove Island Drive, Durden said.

    An autopsy will be performed Tuesday, but she had no visible injuries and there was no indication of forced entry or other problems at her home, said Mike McDaniel, special agent in charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation office in Kingsland.

    McDaniel said county police officials asked the GBI to handle the death investigation because its detectives are tied up with the weekend slayings of eight people in a mobile home at the opposite side of Brunswick.

    Kwame Brown, the NBA No. 1 draft pick in 2001, is a center for the Detroit Pistons."


    Q&A with Joe Dumars - Part III
    Keith Langlois

    "KL: When you look at your depth chart and try to figure out minutes, you can put a very good rotation together that doesn’t include the rookies. I know what they show in training camp when they get out there with the veterans will dictate a lot of it, but do you see each or any of them having a role this year?

    JD: All you can do is hope they have a role. They have to get out there and prove it and earn it. What you want to do is put a team together that can compete with or without their input right away. We used the second pick in the draft on Darko, didn’t play, and won a championship. We used the 23rd pick on Tayshaun Prince and we were going along relatively well and he jumps in and plays for us and takes us to the next level. So what you want to do is build a team where if that young guy can bring something to your team, boy, you’ve gotten even better now. I’ve never really wanted to try to build a team, if I didn’t have to, where I was just depending so much on the young guys. But if they do come through, you’re that much better. That’s where we are now. The fact that Tayshaun emerged helped us that year. The fact that two years ago, Stuckey stepped in and played well – especially when Chauncey went down in the Orlando series – boom, that helps your team jump. Same thing with these guys. If one or two or any of these guys can emerge this year, we’ve gotten that much better as a team. You sit back and you look and you see if any one of them emerges this year, we’re going to feel like we’re a little bit ahead of the curve.

    KL: DaJuan Summers out in Vegas was a guy that both Darrell Walker and Pat Sullivan said had an NBA-ready body and they played him at both spots, the three and the four, and he held up well. Just talk about what you saw from him and his readiness.

    JD: Here’s a guy who’s almost the opposite of Austin in the sense that no one questioned his body and his strength. Everybody said he had an NBA-ready body. What people questioned was his game coming out of Georgetown – didn’t dominate as much as he should have. We looked at him and we didn’t judge him based on having an NBA-ready body. We thought, like so many guys, put in a new environment, in a different role, we liked his ability to really shoot the ball and we had seen him in workouts and felt like here’s a guy that played a great role at Georgetown but we also think he can flourish out of that system. To watch him play the way he did out in Vegas was obviously good for us because for that week to 10 days, he showed in a more open environment, in a different culture, that his game can expand and DaJuan is, certainly, a guy that can play multiple positions, the three and the four, and he has the game to be effective at both of those positions. What he did out in Vegas that was most impressive was he understood when to take those big guys at the four off the dribble and he understood how to use his body with the three guys who weren’t as strong as him. I thought that mental approach was the most impressive thing. Swinging between the three and the four and knowing how to attack when he was at those positions. For a young guy, that was impressive and showed a pretty good basketball IQ. What you hope for with all these young guys is that as they get older and mature and get more experienced in this league, that they become even better at those things."

    PISTONS: Q&A with Joe Dumars - Part III
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    Parts Unknown
    Looks like we can cross Stoudemire off of the wish list, no way I'm giving up these 2 guys for him.
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    That Slam piece about Bengo is pretty good.
  4. BillLaimbeer

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    Yea, kind of gets you fired up for the season, doesn't it?
  5. Walter

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    Condolences to Kwame.
  6. LA Dre

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    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Rest in peace Mrs. Joyce Brown...your son Kwame, will hopefully have a successful season dedicated in remembrance of you..

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