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Buy or Sell

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by mercury, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. pistonsin6

    pistonsin6 First Round Draft Pick

    Jul 22, 2006
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    Pistons win their division? Buy, Cavs and Bulls really can't take them yet.

    Chauncey makes the allstar team? Contract year, he should be an MVP candidate again this year when the Pistons perform well w/out wallace. If Nash did it, then so can Chauncey

    Carlos stays on the team all year and performs well? Buy

    Lindsey is the backup PG for most of the year? Sell. Flip in the beggining of the season, Hunter towards then end.

    Rasheed scores 16+ points p/game? Buy, I expect 18 and 8 from sheed this year, hopefully thats not asking too much.

    Chicago passes the Pistons in the standings? Sell, Detroit is clearly the better team.

    Brahma gets 7+ minutes p/game? Sell, Murray, Delfino, Dice and Hunter will get most minutes off the bench

    Nazr scores more than Ben? Buy

    Pistons win more than 54 games this year? Buy but just barely.
  2. himat

    himat Bench Warmer

    Sep 9, 2005
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    Pistons win the Central- Buy, but it won't be as easy as last year.

    Chauncey makes the All Star team- Sell, Chauncey saves his best for the playoffs.:fingerscr

    Carlos stays on the team all year-Buy, if Flip gives him the pt and he doesn't do good I'll be very surprised.

    Lindsey is the back uo PG for most of the year- Sell, I'm hoping to see a line up off the bench with:
    Delfino at PG, Flip murray at SG, Amir/ J Max at SF, Dice at PF, and Dale possibly at C. If we want a fast break line up we use Amir, and half court we use J Max. I think Lindsey we will start playing big bench minutes in the playoffs.

    Rasheed scores 16+ ppg-Buy, I really hopes this happens. If Sheed can give us an 18 and 8 season that would really really help this team especially if most of the 18 points were inside points.

    Chicago passes Pistons in the standings-Sell, Pistons are still better in my book.

    Brahma gets 7+ minutes per game-Buy, I really think this might happen but he can't have a bad preseason than.

    Pistons win more than 54 games this season, I think so but its not a big deal.
  3. pass99

    pass99 All-Star Forum Donor

    Aug 6, 2006
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    Wallace, Nocioni, Hinrich, and Thomas are not part of the new generation of ball players. They guys are old fashioned masochists. Wallace went there because he likes Skiles' style... and of course the money.

    In that long grueling season of 82 games you need much more than the obvious which for Skiles is…well….obvious. The key word for you to pick on is my mentioned “internalized”. This is what makes guys like Riley and Jackson so tough in the playoffs. The deeper aspect within the mental game as a survivor into the playoffs is not that you made it, but what you drew upon to get there. The great coaches who have know this play the warp and woof rhythm of pacing the team throughout the season. The counterpoint to the other half is that the players (as a group) must believe in the coaching strategy and really this means his philosophy. He is mother, father and confessor all wrapped up in one. Last year the pistons started out with sheer bravo, which can only last so long and was highly individualized. You can get great results, but you will not be able to finish with it. Half way through the season they scattered that individualism into encapsulated egos and neutralized their coach who (being an outsider) had nothing to build on. In the end they had totals, but nothing to take them further.
  4. armygirl

    armygirl Starter Forum Donor

    Sep 6, 2005
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    Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
    Pistons Win the Central ---------BUY, ALL THE WAY

    Chauncey Makes the All Star Team --------Buy, as a back up 50/50

    Carlos Statys on the Team All Year --------Buy, CD will get his due this year.

    Lindsay, Back Up Point ------------------Sell - I think Lindsay will have injury problems this year, one of our other point will step up and become Big Time Contributer.

    Rasheed will score 16+ points per game --------Buy, Watch Sheed, he's on a mission

    Chicago Passes the Pistons in the Standings --------- Sell - No Way

    Brama - Buy, he will get the minutes

    Nazr - Buy, plus he will have a much better free throw percentage, imagine that, we won't have to scratch the blackboard when he goes to the line.

    Pistons will win more than 54 games ------Buy
  5. bezeach

    bezeach First Round Draft Pick 1x Fantasy Champion

    Jul 2, 2006
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    Jenison, MI
    Pistons win their division? BUY

    Chauncey makes the allstar team? BUY

    Carlos stays on the team all year and performs well? BUY

    Lindsey is the backup PG for most of the year? BUY

    Rasheed scores 16+ points p/game? BUY

    Chicago passes the Pistons in the standings? SELL!

    Brahma gets 7+ minutes p/game? SELL

    Nazr scores more than Ben? BUY

    Pistons win more than 54 games this year? BUY

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