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Bench Comparison

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by Basketfish, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Basketfish

    Basketfish Second Round Draft Pick

    Sep 3, 2005
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    Much has been said about the Piston bench good and bad but just exactly how good are they. The most rescent bench that we had that won a championship was Memo, Corliss, James & Hunter with Ham seeing some time. I guess you could compare Memo to Dice, Hunter to Hunter ( I think he is now our Curry and has been used properly as such.) James to CA, Delfino/Evans to Corliss. Lets call Darko/Maxiell equal to Ham.

    The biggest advantage that the Ship group has is experience which is what helps keep you steady, the worst problem the bench has had this year is they seem to get rattled easy and lose points in a hurry. They may very well have made comeback runs themselves but Flip pulled them pretty quickly, he wants to win. I think after they get further into the season he will have a little more patience and the second string will have had more time to mature/play together.

    The other difference I see in the regular season, is that the Wallaces and Dice are not going to give up body for hard fouls. We need a big guy off the bench who will protect the basket. Darko or Max have to be put to use at least in the regular season.

    We are a little weak at backup small forward Delfino and Evans are to small to cover a real one of 6'7or 8.

    I am sure that JD realizes the problems and may have a trade or two up his sleeve, but if not we will have a tough time dethroning the current champs.

    Go Pistons!!!

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