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at New Orleans Hornets Wednesday December 8 8:00 pm

Discussion in 'December 2010' started by roscoe36, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. BallDon'tLie

    BallDon'tLie All-Star 3x Fantasy Champion

    Nov 5, 2005
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    Denver, CO
    I'll take better players with better contracts (except for Hedo) any day of the week.

    PG: PHX has TWO true point guards that are better than anything that we have (Nash, Dragic). -advantage Suns

    SG: J-Rich is better than anything that the Pistons have. -advantage Suns

    SF: Grant Hill is playing better than Tay or any of the Piston SFs this year. He's also a better teammate and better influence on young guys. Tay and his contract make him a more tradeable asset though. - push

    PF: Hedo sucks and has an AWEFUL contract. Channing Fry is one-dimensional. That being said, they would both likely start on the Pistons. However, I'd rather have Greg Monroe moving forward. - advantage Pistons

    C: The Pistons don't really have a Center so it's pretty hard to make a case here. Robin Lopez ain't that good right now but he's better than anything that the Pistons could throw out there. - advantage Suns.

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