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Adv. League 07-08 News

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Central' started by MotownPride, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. MotownPride

    MotownPride Team Captain 2x Fantasy Champion

    Sep 6, 2005
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    Tampa, Florida
    I hope you fellas are excited about another big season of fantasy basketball at the Advanced Level. If this is your first time playing in advanced, feel comfortable that you've made the right choice. You are going to face some of the best basketball minds in PF.com in a battle of wits. Our GM roster is all-star calibur this season as we bring together the healthiest mix of creativity and technical skill our fantasy basketball league has ever experienced.

    We have...
    • The current two time (back to back) Advanced League champion in #1Pistonsfan.
    • The current Open League champion in MotownPride.
    • The current two time (back to back) Novice League champion and undefeated in PF.com fantasy competition GM in Darth Tater.
    • The current Sleeper League champion in Twotimesralphi.
    • Two of the winningest GMs in PF.com fantasy basketball history in Webz and Warthog.
    • The return of Loanshark to fantasy advanced competion!
    • The fantasy debut of The Low!
    • And the return of a superior list of GMs that have proven that they belong amongst the elite with Jammertime, Max, LA Dre, Pastor, Winless Wonders, 16 Mile, Himat and Slippy
    Lots of exciting things going on this year.

    Making this league the best ever takes some help and lucky for us we've had a couple folks step up to help elevate our fantasy basketball experience.

    Introducing our fantasy staff....

    Fantasy Commissioner - MotownPride
    Fantasy Beat Writers - Warthog and Slippy
    Fantasy Statisticians - Max, (open position)

    (Contact me if you would like to share Statistical responsiblities with Max)

    Lots of new features on Yahoo this year. Here's a few I found interesting!
    • History section - Check out the past two years of PF.Com Advanced Standings/Results/Stats on our Fantasy League page
    • Drag and Drop Rosters - Haven't tried this yet, but sounds cool!
    • Personalized Fantasy Alerts - Let's you know if one of your players that is in your lineup is currently inactive for the night! Nice touch.
    • Team Rosters Page - Can look at the rosters of all the teams in one glance. Great for trying to come up with trade scenarios.
    I look forward to having a great year with you fellas.

    Let's keep it fun, interesting and competitive!

    - MotownPride :)

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